Alabama FIAT Studio

FIAT of Birmingham - Alabama's Only FIAT Dealership

With its modern, simple design aesthetic and impeccable fit and finish; with its numerous vehicle personalization options and its fashionable Italian flair and soul; the FIAT 500 is Perfectly Tailored for America's sense of individuality, creativity, and style.

This vehicle of change has now arrived in America. Deeply rooted in Italian culture, values, sentiment and sensibilities, it will, like its ancestors, not just blend in. It will fully liberate your passion for life.

Staffed with FIAT specialists and highly trained technicians, we at FIAT of Birmingham are here to provide a comfortable, fun and worry-free automotive shopping and service experience. Stop by our Studio at 5350 Grantswood Road to see for yourself!  FIAT of Birmingham is a member of Benchmark Automotive Group, where "We're With You Down the Road".

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