FIAT 500L is a Large Canvas for Sistine Chapel Replica

You may remember hearing about the FIAT 500L being called a work of art as it was displayed next to Pierre-Auguste Renoir's work in a Italian museum in October.

The 500L is once again showing love for Italian art, but this time it's the brilliant Michelangelo. Just as the famed artist adorned the Sistine Chapel's ceiling with breathtaking frescoes of scenes from the Bible, the ceiling of the FIAT was too.

Of course, FIAT didn't commission Mr. Michelangelo, but instead another Italian artist, Nicola Verlato, who created a replication on the interior of  the quirky compact.

The mobile art piece made its way to Los Angeles Auto Show just weeks ago, but the artwork is much more than just pretty picture to gander at. For FIAT, the replication signified just how spacious the 500L is.

The biggest upside to the 500L is how much more room there is, as it boasts 99.7 cubic feet of passenger interior volume and comfortably seats up to five people. Compare this to the 85.1 cubic feet and a seating capacity of four, for the original FIAT 500 model.

The 500L is the perfect vehicle for those who enjoy the exotic luxury of FIAT, but need some extra room for the family, daily cargo, or perhaps to paint an exact replica of Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam.

We're not sure how many of you will be doing the latter, but we have a four-wheeled canvas just for you, here at FIAT of Birmingham. Stop into our dealership today to scope out our new FIAT lineup.

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